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Marco van Beers (1987) is a designpoet and technophilosopher with a passion for speculating through design about the future of technology in relation to humans. His work explores the relation between technology, humanity and intimacy. Often referred to as ‘intimate technology’.

In August 2012 he graduates for his Master’s Degree in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. By then he already held two TEDx talks (TEDxMaastricht Talk, TEDxTilburgU Talk and traveled throughout Europe to talk about technology and intimacy.

Marco gets the ‘Young Dutch Design Talent’ award by Fontanel in 2013. That same year ARS Electronica awards him with a runner up position for the ‘The Next Idea’, which focusses on designs which make a positive impact on our future.

A year later his Master thesis about ‘Intimate Technology’ becomes runner-up at the prestigious Future Ideas competition in both “Design and Fashion” and “Healthcare” categories. Marco’s ideas about ‘intimate technology’ are published in international renowned books and magazines or highlighted on influential blogs. He is often invited to give debate inducing and inspiring lectures about his ideas.

I believe we need more human values, more intimacy in the way we design and in the way we use technology. Technology should not be a cold and distant entity, but a warm and intimate experience. For several years I am investigating how technology is changing our society and how we can use it, as a (invisible) medium, to facilitate ‘intimate communication’.

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